Five Best Online Platforms To Invest In Bitcoins


Bitcoin is a digital currency that has grown over the years, and today, there are many ways to invest in it. Many people are now using Bitcoin as a currency. Unlike other currencies, Bitcoin doesn't rely on any central bank or government backing. Instead, it uses blockchain technology, which functions as an online ledger that records every transaction made with Bitcoins so the coin cannot be copied.

This makes the system transparent and much more secure than governments or banks' currencies. You can get yourself some free Bitcoins by using crypto mining. But finding a genuine platform for investing or trading Bitcoins is important to avoid losing your hard-earned money in a scam. There are several platforms in the market providing you with some unique facilities for trading in crypto.

Here is a list of the top ten best places where you can put your money into bitcoins:

  1. Coinbase

Coinbase is a fully feature loaded platform providing the best in class services to its users. This platform is used by over 6 million people all around the world. Coinbase offers its users to buy and sell bitcoin, ether, and litecoin without going through a complicated process. It is available on desktop, smartphone, tablet etc.

  1. Binance

Binance provides ample features starting from security to instant exchange of coins. It has a 2FA feature, making it one of the most secure platforms on the internet. Furthermore, it provides an instant exchange facility for its users so you can convert your coins at a very low price. The best part about this platform is that you have an option to set up automatic payment of your bills with bitcoins.

  1. Bitstamp

This is another amazing source for those looking to invest in bitcoin. It is the world's longest-standing crypto exchange used by millions around the globe. It has secure, reliable and fast penetration supported by a fully functional interface. Their services are available 24/7, so you can enjoy your bitcoin even when free. They offer good customer service, and their fees are also very less.

  1. LocalBitcoins

This is another amazing site where you can easily purchase bitcoin in any part of the world. LocalBitcoins site allows users to buy Bitcoins directly from sellers who will meet you for exchange anywhere in the world. In addition, you can use their escrow service to avoid getting stuck with a bad deal. The service is available in almost all countries globally, so you can easily purchase bitcoin from anywhere.

  1. BitQuick

This is a platform where you can purchase bitcoin using a cash deposit or bank wire. You have to deposit money into a sellers bank account, and as soon as it clears, the seller will release your coins. It is one of the best ways to instantly purchase bitcoin as you do not have to wait to verify your account, which generally takes 3-5 days.

This platform allows you to use some very unique to buy or get some free Bitcoins using various offers and cryptocurrency mining features.